Websites & E Marketing

Website Support Service

A variety of website related services can be provided by the OB2B team in line with what you need.  These can range from simply providing a detailed review of your existing website and recommending improvements, to project managing a totally new website from start to final launch.

Key website support services we provide include:

  • Audit review of an existing website and improvement recommendations.
  • Site map development, with key navigation and website pages needed.
  • Identifying critical page text ‘Key words’ for best SEO ‘search’ results or Google Adword campaigns.
  • Writing concise, relevant content text, which includes using ‘keywords’ for individual web pages.
  • Website design template development, including any new graphics.
  • Provision of a fully functioning coded, SEO website which is web, mobile and tablet compatible.
  • Website hosting and new domain name registration.
  • Photograph selection and tagging.
  • Help with production of any videos.
  • Creating high impact 3D motion graphics.
  • Proof checking final site text and functionality before going live.
  • Project management of a website project, including in-house team and external service providers.

New Website Development

If a brand new website is what is needed then, depending on what you need the website to do and if you want content management (CMS), a new site can be developed using a variety of website code systems including: XHTML, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and Word Press.

In the initial stages, to help clients to visualise the new site our web designer uses Illustrator to create vector logos, Photoshop to manipulate graphics, and Fireworks to quickly design web page layouts.   All new websites are coded to fully operate on a pc, tablet or mobile phone.

Our aim is to cost effectively create for clients a clear, easy to use, visually appealing, high quality website which has all the required functionality specified and the latest search engine optimisation (SEO).   Both website design and website hosting services are offered.

Updating a Current Website

If you are looking to update an existing website, you may prefer to carry on using a graphic designer or a web designer you have worked with before.   We are very flexible and are very happy to work with any of your existing service providers.   We can provide the specific help you need, such as updating text content, and project managing the updating of your website.

E Marketing Services

An effective way to get new ‘warm’ sales leads and to drive visitors to your website is to use targeted e- mail marketing campaigns.  Many companies opt to do e mail marketing in-house, but if your company does not have the time or the expertise then we can do it for you.

OB2B Industrial Marketing & PR provides an e mail marketing support service, which includes:

  • Sourcing an approved e mail database for your target market and region
  • Designing and writing high impact e mail shots with relevant content which are readable in either a plain text ‘images blocked’ format or an unscreened ‘html’ format.
  • Sending out e mail shots via a dedicated automated E mail marketing service provider platform.
  • Providing email shot statistics and a ‘warm sales leads’ lists of people who opened the email.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you to do effective e mail marketing