Creative Design & 3D Motion Graphics

Creative Design

Almost every company needs creative design help to ensure that brochures, sales literature and all customer related marketing communication tools are visually appealing and fit with the overall corporate identity of the business.

The range of design work we can do typically includes:

Creative Design for Print

  • Brochures and Annual Reports
  • Corporate Identity
  • Press Advertising
  • Packaging
  • Point of Sale
  • Sales Literature
  • Exhibition Graphics

Creative Design for Electronic Media

  • PDF Electronic Brochures and Literature – deliverable by email or on CD Rom
  • Flash animated email campaigns – to stimulate website traffic

Our graphic designer has built a strong reputation for listening very carefully to clients needs, working alongside them to create, using creative skills and software packages to produce an end result that captures the essence of a client’s brief in an effective, powerful and memorable way.

We strive to build longstanding working relationships with our clients and gain a thorough understanding of their business.  This enables us to effectively adapt to a client’s changing visual communication needs as their business evolves and develops.

3D Motion Graphics & Animation

The combination of animation, sound, motion graphics and video can now be put together using powerful 3D motion graphic software technology to create the illusion of motion and rotation with an audio backing track which can be viewed on a desktop or laptop as well as on all commonly used electronic devices such as an iPad or android tablet, or on a smartphone.   Until the advent of the internet, this type of visual communication was exclusive to TV advertising and film production

It is a powerful new way of communicating via multimedia and in sales presentation and other communications tools to promote key product features and benefits in a highly impactful way using sound and vision together.

3D Motion graphics and animation are a highly engaging and convincing medium which are rapidly becoming a vital part of today’s online digital marketing experience for consumers, which also has a place in B2B industrial marketing communications.

Enhanced online B2B digital marketing

Hosting HD image quality video and motion content on line is now very affordable.  Key feedback data and statistics are also available via the web hosting platform to help monitor the impact and success of a marketing campaign.

For organic search engine optimisation (SEO) of your website, Meta tags can be applied to your video and 3D motion graphic files so that they get picked up in search listings as well as static links.

Enhanced Sales Tools & Presentations – PDFs, and PowerPoint

3D Motion graphics can be used in a variety of sales tools, not just with on the web.  They can be added into an Adobe Pdf or PowerPoint presentation and then shown anywhere using a laptop, ipad or similar tablet device.  They can also be embedded in a digital magazine, newsletter and digital sales brochures.

Using 3D Motion graphics can bring to life presentations to customers, exhibition stand displays and internal presentations at key events such as sales conferences.